It’s great working at Serco.

We feel part of a team that makes a difference to our customers and to the broader communities we serve. This sense of measured pride is strong in our fire service operations because of the potential need to draw on the team’s skills and commitment to protect people, assets and reputations in high hazard situations. In a very real sense, we are asking our teams to be ready to put themselves in the way of danger so part of our settlement with the teams is that Serco Fire Services will be the employer of choice in this field. No compromise.

So how do we do this? We poll our people on engagement and deliver improvement programmes each year to address the evolving needs and perceptions of our staff. These improvement programmes include high-value training initiatives, new ways to communicate effectively and fresh opportunities to make an individual difference.

This systematic strategy of engagement delivers meaningful development, a structured career path and the opportunity to move into other Serco operations, fire and non-fire, around the world.

This alloy of support and opportunity appeals and this is seen in our staff retention levels and by the number of cases where our fire fighters have moved on and up. Developing Serco Fire Services benefits the client, yes, but it also means the fire professionals we have in the business are part of a real community. This develops knowledge, fosters an esprit de corps and creates great opportunities for advancement.