Cardiff International Airport

Serco has been the provider of a Fire & Rescue Service at Cardiff Airport since 2008. The airport is situated in the rural Vale of Glamorgan, just 12 miles from Cardiff city centre, accommodating 2 million passengers a year.

The principal objective of an airport fire fighter is to save lives in the event of an aircraft accident or incident. The Airport Fire Service has changed considerably in the last few years, meaning Serco’s role within the Airport has had to change to reflect the new demands.

The airport can handle aircraft up to and including the airbus A380, is the major servicing centre for the British Airways fleet of B777 and B747 aircraft and is also the main diversion airfield for British Airways trans Atlantic flights into LHR which are unable to make their destination due to traffic restrictions or bad weather.

The Fire Service team also provides:

• A permanent Bird Control presence on the airfield using the latest in GPS data logging and trend analysis software with digital recording.
• Runway and surface inspections as required along with runway friction and surface.
• Cover for all buildings on the airport responding to structural fire alarms calls.

The Serco Fire Service team at Cardiff provide CAT 7 Fire cover (up to B757 type aircraft) on a 24/7 basis and can increase this as required to cater for the largest types of aircraft. Shifts are broken down Into 4 watches of 11 with a minimum riding strength of 9 for CAT 7 and 12 for CAT 9, with 4 major Foam tenders and 2 utility vehicles based on the airport.

The fire fighters are trained to a minimum of first responder level which allows them to provide a first response on all life critical medical calls, both on aircraft and within the airport boundary.

When it comes to training, the Serco Fire Services team at Cardiff revalidate their skills via a fully compliant and audited assessment process through a maintenance of competency scheme. Approved by the CAA, this allows savings to be reinvested into up skilling and improving the standards and qualities of the fire officers enabling Serco to offer high quality 3rd party training to other fire services and industry across the south west region.